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Visio is versatile drawing and diagramming software from Microsoft, and with our Visio tutorial videos you can quickly and easily become an expert. With Visio you can create Flowcharts, Organization Charts, Scale Floor plans, Network Diagrams, Project Timelines, Gantt charts. The later versions of Visio add extra functionality to a product that is already great, and allow you to make many more types of drawing that help you communicate your ideas with a wider audience. Our video tutorials together with consolidation exercises give you the best method of learning to master this superb software.

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Creating a Scale Drawing in Microsoft VisioCreating a Scale Drawing in Visio

This Visio tutorial takes a first look at creating a diagram to a drawing scale. This is an extremely useful feature at which Visio excels, and you can use your Visio scale  drawings as blueprints for building or remodeling work. Scale drawings made in Visio can be produced quickly and with a minimum of technical knowledge.



Shape Stacking Order in Visio 2010

Shape Stacking Order in Visio 2010

In this Visio tutorial video we look at how Visio treats shapes placed on top of each other – their Stacking Order.  Many people are confused about the difference between the “Send to Back” and “Send Backwards” commands and their corresponding “Forward” equivalents.  This short tutorial explains how it all works in a clear and unambiguous way.


 Creating a custom shape 

How to Create a Custom Shape in Microsoft Visio

Creating a Custom Shape

What if the shape you want does not exist? In this tutorial we begin to examine how a Custom Shape can be created if the shape you need for your drawing does not exist.  We start with some basic techniques for changing the rounding factor of shape corners and then combining shapes by using the Operations command from the Shape menu.



Visualizing Data in a Visio Diagram

Visualizing Data in a Visio Diagram

Linking data to a diagram has a tremendous impact when the diagram is viewed.  Even people who know nothing about the process can very quickly see bottlenecks, problem areas and other performance issues and can identify where improvements can be made.  With the ability to update the linked data, any changes can be immediately seen and monitored.


A Comprehensive range of Visio Tutorial Videos

A Comprehensive range of Visio Tutorial Videos

Visio Tutorial is dedicated to bringing you the very best resources specifically for Microsoft Visio, so here you will find many FREE Visio tutorial videos, many FREE articles written about Microsoft Visio and a selection of recommended books and software titles.

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All the video tutorials on this site were made by David Millard, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and specialist Applications Trainer based in the United Kingdom.

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Our Visio Tutorial Videos let you learn fast

The tutorials are designed to help you understand Microsoft Visio as quickly as possible – you will be making your own Visio diagrams in no time!

  • We start by explaining the interface and tools, diagram basics such as shapes and stencils, connecting shapes together and saving
  • We move on to the different types of diagram for things like describing a process, showing the management structure in an organization, making a floor plan or drawing a map
  • We finish up with advanced techniques such as visualizing data in diagrams, constructing data graphics and project management features such as Timelines and Gantt charts.

In addition to the Visio tutorials on this website, you will find a number of other resources including  written articles and tips and tricks for Visio including loads of shortcuts.  All our videos are remotely hosted so the quality is excellent, and our YouTube channel has even more tutorial movies. We have both Twitter and Facebook pages.

Hi David, appreciate the opportunity to get upto speed with Visio through your tutorials. I recently completed a course in Autocad and found Visio a little frustrating initially so your tutorials were of great help, thank you. Andy

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