Add Screen Tip Text to a Visio drawing

You can make your drawings far more relevant to other people by adding ScreenTip Text to shapes. This text only becomes visible when a viewer hovers his or her mouse over the shape, so they WON’T clutter your drawing with unnecessary detail but they WILL allow the viewer to see far more information about the shape.

Where you could use ScreenTip text

This could be useful in a Process Diagram, for example, when the shape shows the process name but you want further information about it to be available on demand. The ScreenTip can be more than one or two words and can add meaning and clarity to a diagram, particularly if it contains technical information but is to be used by non technical people. Very often diagrams are shared with other departments or completely different organizations, so making them easier to understand with a well-placed tooltip can help a lot.

Adding a ScreenTip is easy and really does pay dividends in terms of accessibility and usability. Your drawings will reach a wider audience and be better received by users than plain drawings that people have to struggle to understand – even something as simple as an organization chart can benefit from the addition of a ScreenTip or two!

To Insert ScreenTip Text:

  • Click on the shape to select it
  • on the Insert menu, go to Shape ScreenTip

Adding ScreenTip text in Visio

  • Type your text In the dialog box and click OK

Now the text appears when hovered over like this:

Visio 2007 Screen tip text on hover

In Visio 2010, the feature is enhanced even further like this:

ScreenTip Text

A couple of points to note:

  • ScreenTip text can’t be formatted like regular text
  • ScreenTip text won’t print

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