How to Customize the Visio 2010 Ribbon

How to customize the ribbon in Visio 2010

Visio 2010, in common with other Office 2010 products, is the first to use the new Fluent interface and allow users to customize the Ribbon.

In previous versions you were only able to add or remove buttons from the Quick Access Toolbar in order to personalise the program, but in this latest version you can customize the Ribbon in just about any way you want.

Customize the Ribbon in Visio 2010 – points to watch

It isn’t, however, just a question of adding buttons “willy nilly” – you must first decide whether or not you want a new tab, then add a group either to it or an existing tab and finally add the buttons you want to the group. And it is quite easy to customize the ribbon, providing you know when to look.

The Visio Options Dialog

In all cases the Options dialog contains the controls needed to customize the Ribbon. This is now accessed from the File tab which opens Backstage view, and the options button will be found near the bottom of the left hand list just above the Exit button. Clicking this button opens the Visio Options dialog box, and from here you can customize the ribbon by using the “Customize Ribbon” command which can be seen roughly half way down the list.

Using the Customize Ribbon command

Customize Ribbon from Visio 2010 options

Like many controls in Microsoft Office the dialog box is simple to use. All that is required is to decide if you need a new tab – if so, click New Tab under the pane on the right, otherwise select an existing tab – and next create a new group to display your icons on.

Customize the Ribbon options – new or existing tab?

Once again, this is to be found under the pane on the right next to the New Tab button. It is a good idea to rename your new Tab if you have created on, and your new group so that you know what type of commands it will contain. In the example featured in the corresponding “Customize the Ribbon” video tutorial, I have used the drawing tools as a group and given it that name for clarity.

When you have your new group you can begin adding buttons to it. This is a simple exercise involving first clicking on the tab and group you wish to add to in the right pane, then selecting buttons from any of the tabs and groups in the left pane and clicking the Add button to include them in the new group. When they appear on the right you can move them to another position easily with the up and down buttons on the right.

Again, to quote the example used in the video, when I customize the ribbon I have added the drawing tools to the View tab and moved them so that they appear further to the left – before the Window and Macro groups.


Positioning is of course a matter of personal preference and working practice, so make the interface your own by using these tips to customize your own Ribbon!

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