Drawing Office Layout Diagrams to Scale

A Visio Office Layout drawingThe Office Layout template will help you create detailed scaled floor plans which can include walls, furniture, electrical symbols and so on.  Visio makes it easy to create office layout plans good enough to submit for planning applications, and at a fraction of the cost of CAD software. Door and window shapes can be automatically inserted into the office layout and aligned in walls, and the dimension guides in Visio 2007 allow pinpoint accuracy that contractors can work to.

Let Visio add Doors to your Office Layout

Visio will configure the doors and windows for you – simply drag them on top of the walls in your office layout to insert them. They will be added to scale and inserted in the correct position. Once they are in the office layout you can customize them with regard to the side they hang and the direction in which they open.

Creating a Scale Office Layout

Scale diagrams are commonly used for architectural drawings, including office layout drawings as they are as accurate as your measurements. If a large paper size is used, the resulting diagram can be printed and is of a standard that is perfectly suitable for use when applying for planning permission or for giving to your site foreman when construction begins. Visio templates have a default drawing scale, but this can be changed for your diagram.

To change the drawing scale for an office layout:

On the File menu click Page Setup then click the Drawing Scale tab.

Office layout drawing scale

When you have a suitable scale selected the rulers automatically adjust to the units chosen.  This is a very useful representation of the way the drawing of the office layout corresponds to the real world; the measurements displayed on the rulers allow you to imaging the physical space available in a much more realistic way.

You can then proceed to create your office layout drawing to scale confident that the shapes you add will be proportional to each other and to the site.

Tip: When dragging a shape onto the drawing page, dotted lines are displayed on the rulers and measurements shown in the status bar.

This makes it easy to see the exact position of the shape in relation to other shapes on the page.

You can watch a video tutorial on creating a scale drawing for free, but there is much more that you can access in our free video tutorials – just browse through this site.

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