Magnifying the view in Visio

Magnifying the view in VisioMicrosoft gives us several options for magnifying the view of a Visio drawing.  Being able to magnify the page is important in many drawings; it allows us to see fine detail, for example in an Engineering Drawing, or it gives us the opportunity to see the “bigger picture”, perhaps in an Organization Chart.

Magnifying the view by zooming

Zoom controls can be used either by using the Zoom Box to the right of the standard toolbar, which has a drop down on the right of the button containing pre-defined magnification levels, or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift and clicking the left or right mouse button to zoom in or out.  The Zoom Box allows any level of magnification simply by typing the percentage into it – you do not have to abide by the pre-set levels.  Another Zoom command is featured on the View menu, and magnification can also be made by using the Pan and Zoom window.

Using Pan and Zoom commands for magnifying the view

The Pan and Zoom window can be activated from the View menu and normally attaches itself to the right of the drawing pane, although this can be moved simply by dragging its orange title bar.  This title bar has an ”X” shaped Close symbol and an icon representing a push pin which keeps the window open when clicked and turns on the AutoHide feature when it is not. This AutoHide feature allows thePan and Zoom window to appear as soon as the user’s mouse passes over it, and disappear again as soon as the mouse leaves.

The Pan and Zoom window itself can be resized by dragging one of its borders, and the magnification setting is altered by either clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top and bottom of the slider or by dragging the slider itself.  The Pan feature allows the user to both change the magnification of the drawing by dragging the square in the corners of the red outline, or to pan around the drawing by clicking over the red square and dragging it to a different section of the drawing.

Whilst it does not allow resizing of the page, the Size and Position window is another very useful feature in Visio. This is also activated from the View menu and allows you to not only accurately configure the size of individual shapes, but also to precisely place the shape on the drawing page by using the X and Y coordinates.

Other useful features for altering the view in Microsoft Visio include the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+W, which gives a zoomed out magnification that shows the whole of the page, and the use of the F5 key which switches to full-screen view.  The View menu also has options to show the Previous Zoom level, a Page Width level and a Whole Page level.

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