Share a Visio Diagram on the web

Do you need to share your Visio drawing with people who don’t have Visio?  For example, do you have to share a flowchart with another department that doesn’t use Visio?

Saving a Visio diagram in another format

Visio makes it easy for people who don’t have the software installed to see Visio drawings saved in a different format, such as a .jpg or .dwg file.  For those with a company Intranet it is also possible to save your Visio diagram as a web page – here’s how!

To save a Visio diagram as a web page

To share your Visio diagram on the web, save your drawing as a Web Page. As a bonus, Visio creates a Pan & Zoom window, also a Details view, and even adds a Search box!

From the File menu choose Save as Web Page to create a Visio diagram that can be accessed from any web browser.

Saving a Visio Diagram as a web page

The dialogue box appears asking if you want the Synchronized Copy on a new page. If you choose Yes, Visio will insert a new page for you and place the drawing on it.

Your Visio diagram is saved by default as a Visio drawing (.vsd) file. When using Visio 2007 you can also save the drawing in a Visio 2003 or earlier file format, enabling you to share your work with colleagues using that version.

To save your drawing in another format, use File > Save As and from the Save as Type drop down menu, select the appropriate option.

You can also save a Visio diagram as an XML file.

For more information on saving your Visio diagram in another format, check out our Advanced Tutorials page.

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