Synchronized Pages in Visio 2007

Don’t crowd your organisation chart onto one page, use synchronized pages to make it more manageable and save time. Synchronized pages are ideal for large multi-page organisation charts allowing you to see the overall view on the first page and to drill down to see individual details on the other pages.

Synchronized Pages update automatically

Any changes made to a synchronized shape applies to all the synchronized pages, so if you update details on the first page for example, this will continue through to all the other synchronized pages relating to that shape. This has distinct advantages in a large diagram, as one update can be cascaded throughout the entire diagram.  The process is easy to implement:

To create Synchronized Pages

  • Click on the shape you want to synchronize
  • On the Organisation Chart menu, go to Synchronize

Synchronized pages in Visio 2007

  • Click on Create Synchronized Copy.

The dialogue box appears asking if you want the Synchronized Copy on a new page.

If so Visio will insert a new page which will be linked to the data on the original page. This allows the synchronized page to update itself when and if the original changes for any reason.

Inserting a synchronized page in Visio 2007

For more information on synchronized pages and much more including inserting hyperlinks to your synchronized pages, visit the Intermediate Tutorials pages on our website:

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