Tips for Drawing to Scale in Visio

A Visio Scale Drawing need not be frustrating!

In previous articles we’ve talked about creating a Visio Scale Drawing. Creating a Visio scale drawing is easy, and a great way to produce accurate plans and drawings at a fraction of the cost of genuine CAD programs.

Never made a Visio scale drawing before? No worries…

Even if you have never tried to draw anything to scale before, the easy and familiar Visio interface make creating a Visio scale drawing a breeze, and as the majority of businesses using Microsoft Office have a copy of Visio lurking around somewhere, you probably have everything you need to get started on you first Visio scale drawing right now!

Follow these tips for making a Visio Scale Drawing

If you have never tried your hand at creating a Visio Scale Drawing, here are a few tips worth remembering:

  1. A quick way to modify a shape is to use the Shortcut Menu of commands. Right click the shape and use the drop down list.
  2. Having trouble displaying the Shapes shortcut menu? Make sure you right click the shape and not the grid on the drawing page behind the shape.  Position the pointer over one of the shapes lines, text or the white box that appears in the shape when selected, then right click.
  3. Perhaps you have moved a window for example instead of copying it?  Press CTRL+Z to undo, and when you retry, make sure the mouse button is released before the CTRL Key.
  4. Remember, if you move a Shape any dimension shape, (which shows the dimensions of the shape that it is connected to) will move with it.
  5. To make it easier to see the shape you may have to zoom in. A quick way of zooming in and out of a drawing is to hold down the Shift and Ctrl keys together and click the left mouse button to zoom in and the right to zoom out.

A Visio Scale Drawing need not be frustrating!

More tips for making a Visio scale drawing can be seen in our video tutorials at Visio Tutorial

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