We are very pleased to present a wide selection of tutorials for Microsoft Visio. The tutorials are presented in Video format, each containing clear “how to” explanations for completing standard Visio tasks.  Each set of tutorials is divided into ability levels, starting with Introduction level, continuing with an Intermediate series and concluding with the Advanced series.  Most tutorials use Visio 2007 but a new series featuring Visio 2010 is live and we have many more Visio 2010 tutorials in the production stage which will be available soon.

As more tutorials are added to the growing library, members will be notified through our newsletter.

I’m enjoying the site very much.  I’d used Visio a few years back on some very minor diagrams, so was searching for some guidance which would help me ramp up skill-wise.  While there are differences between the 2007 and 2010 versions, it’s not difficult to follow along through the videos.  Billjoin now

Video Tutorials

Our Video Tutorial series covers most typical tasks performed with Microsoft Visio, from absolute beginner’s level to the accomplished practitioner’s.  Like the written tutorials, they describe what the author is doing rather than instruct the viewer to do the same in a regimented manner, and most contain Callouts to make the narration clearer and reinforce the visual message.

Where a subject has a steep learning curve the tutorials are split into several different steps in order to keep the length of each video to a reasonable time.  No single video lasts more than 10 minutes, with many of the simpler topics less than 5, so (hopefully) you won’t fall asleep before the end!

Coming Soon…

We will be introducing a lot more Microsoft Visio 2010 tutorials shortly. There are a series already live on the site but we have a lot more in the pipeline, so stay tuned…

Visio 2007 tutorials

Visio 2010 tutorials