Visio 2010 Video Tutorials

Visio 2010This series of video tutorials has been specifically created to meet the demand for easy-to-follow training for the latest version of Microsoft Visio, Visio 2010. The series comprises several “getting started” tutorials designed to quickly¬†familiarize¬†viewers with the new interface and some task-specific tutorials designed to show both new and existing users how to accomplish certain tasks in Visio 2010.

Dynamically share your Visio 2010 drawings

In previous versions of Visio drawings could be saved as a set of webpages, a very useful feature since it allowed anyone to view your web-published Visio diagrams in a standard browser. The snag with this feature was that if the diagram changed in any way it would need to be republished before anyone could see the changes. In Visio 2010 a major new feature is the option to publish dynamically updatable Visio drawings to a SharePoint server through Visio 2010 SharePoint services.

Other Visio 2010 enhancements

Other enhancements introduced in Visio 2010 include:

  • Dynamic QuickShapes allow very rapid diagram creation
  • Automatically insert shapes with the new AutoAdd feature
  • Instant shape removal with the auto delete command
  • Automatically add pages when you’re drawing gets too big with the AutoSize feature
  • Lay out your diagrams quicker than ever before with the new AutoAlign and Space command
  • Create stunning drawings with Visio 2010 themes
  • See your changes in real time with Live Preview

Visio 2010 Level 1

Level 2 and 3 videos coming shortly