Backstage View

Backstage view

Backstage view is a new view in Visio 2010 that opens by default when Visio starts.  It is also the view that is attached to the new File menu, and contains a number of innovations over the previous version.

These include a “recent documents” tab that reveals – you guessed it – your recent documents, but what is new for Visio 2010 is the ability not only to “pin” these documents to the list so they will always be accessible, but also the folders that they are contained in. This on its own makes backstage view in Visio 2010 a real time saver and one that I use myself on a daily basis.

What does Backstage View contain?

Backstage View is like an extended File menu that includes lots of information about the Visio 2010 file you have open, or if you don’t have a file open it gives you the options to open one. In addition to the commands you would expect to see in a File menu, like Open, Save and Save As, Back stage view contains several categories identified by tabs on the left of the page.

In this Visio 2010 Tutorial

In this Visio 2010 training video we examine Visio back-stage view in some detail and explore some of the new features. We look at the new Info tab in backstage view which includes information about the author. In common with other Office 2010 programs, this now adds a “people pane” that gives details of anyone connected to the author; it also now contains the document properties section where metadata for the Visio document – such as title, comments, keywords etc – can be added.

TIP: A very useful feature in Back-stage view is the Push-pin which when clicked pins that particular document to this menu making it readily accessible.  The Print tab contains shortcut icons to the printer dialogue box and Print Preview; it also includes a Quick Print button.

[br]We start by describing the buttons on the navigation pane to the left and demonstrate how each opens a new window containing related information.  We look in detail at:

  • the new Info tab
  • the options for examining drawings
  • the new Compress feature that reduces file sizes
  • Visio’s 2010 options

The tutorial concludes with an overview of the Options command which has been moved to backstage view in Visio 2010.

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