Connecting Shapes in a Workflow Diagram

Using autoconnect in a workflow diagramVisio 2010 has a number of great new features for adding, aligning and connecting shapes and in previous tutorials we have looked at several of these but this time we will focus on the type of shapes contained in a workflow diagram. This type of diagram uses different icons to represent people, objects, departments and actions and can create a far more visually appealling diagram than a basic flowchart.

Using AutoConnect in a Workflow diagram

The icons in a workflow diagram have exactly the same kind of AutoConnect capabilities as other diagrams. Although these tend to be used more for flowcharts, they work just as well in a workflow diagram and can speed up diagram production enormously.

This tutorial covers:

  • Choosing a workflow diagram template
  • Adding shapes from the workflow diagram stencil
  • Adding shapes from other stencils
  • Using Auto connect to automatically join shapes
  • Centering the workflow diagram on the drawing page

Getting Visio 2010 to connect Workflow diagram shapes from other stencils

By selecting a shape on a stencil and clicking the blue AutoConnect arrow on a shape on the drawing page we can make Visio connect the shapes and align them automatically. This is in addition to the default behaviour that gives four standard workflow diagram shapes in a mini toolbar when the mouse pointer hovers over the blue arrow.

TIP: The standard shapes available from the blue Autoconnect arrow will change depending on which workflow diagram shape you have selected


You can connect any kind of shape you want, so in the tutorial I add an envelope shape to a person shape. We conclude the tutorial by centering the workflow diagram on the drawing page.[br]

Connecting WorkFlow Diagram Shapes

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