Connecting shapes using the Connector Tool

Using the connector tool in Visio 2010In a previous tutorial we looked at how shapes can be connected in Visio 2010, and this tutorial continues the series by demonstrating the use of the connector tool.

Using the Connector Tool to join shapes

The last tutorial described how the line tool could be used to connect shapes together, but in this tutorial we explore the use of the connector tool. The tutorial starts by demonstrating how the coloured squares differ when you connect an outline shape to when you connect to one of the collection points situated around the outline and identified by a blue cross. This leads us to a description of the types of glue used in Visio 2010.

When you use the connector tool the type of glue changes

Connecting shapes with the connector tool produces a connection that is dynamic — in other words, the joint between the line and the shape will move if the shape is moved on the drawing page. In the previous tutorial we looked at using the line tool to connect shapes together and the type of joint that produced was different.

In this tutorial we explore the different types of glue produced when a connector tool is used compared to when a line tool is used and demonstrate the differences between static and dynamic connections.

Connecting Shapes with the connector tool