Creating a Basic Diagram

basic diagram

In this Visio 2010 Training video we look at how the process of creating a basic diagram has changed in the new version.  In this introductory tutorial, we explore the new interface and how the changes to the Getting Started screen from Visio 2007 have affected the choice of template you use to start your basic diagram.

The tutorial follows the basic Visio diagram project through its construction, during which we cover some of the new enhancements to Visio 2010, to accessing more shapes from the shapes task pane. The principles discussed in making a basic Visio diagram can be used to make a basic network diagram Visio drawing of other types including block diagrams and flowcharts.

Creating a Basic Diagram from the General category

The reason that we demonstrate the process of creating a basic diagram from scratch is not just to include many of the basic techniques that a lot of people may already know, but also to introduce some techniques that have changed in this version.

These include making a basic Visio diagram by using the dialog box launchers from some of the command groups on the Ribbon, and by using the new rotation tool available from the shapes on the work area.

This now allows you to drag the centre point – or “pin” – to another position inside the shape so that you can rotate the shape in a basic diagram around a point that is not in the centre – quite useful for a number of diagram types. This tutorial covers:

  • Using the backstage view to select a template category
  • Adding a basic shape to the page
  • Moving the centre pin
  • Turning on AutoConnect arrows
  • Using the Ribbon
  • Showing dialog boxes
  • Live Preview
  • Default shape fill
  • The Shapes stencil
  • The More Shapes button

The AutoConnect tools in a Basic Diagram

In addition we demonstrate how to turn on the AutoConnect feature in a basic Visio drawing (which is not on by default in Visio 2010) and also how the new mini toolbars function allowing very quick and easy basic Visio diagram construction.

TIP: The new mini toolbars are also referred to as the AutoAdd, AutoConnect and AutoDelete functions. They are an incredible time saver and are featured in separate tutorials on this website.

[br]As with all out tutorials, this training video can be watched as many times as you like and can also be stopped, paused and rewound to make it easier to understand.

Starting a Basic Diagram


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