The Fluent Interface

Where have all my Menus Gone!?!?

the fluent interface in Visio 2010

In this, the first of the Visio 2010 training videos we look at the main difference between this new version and its predecessor, Visio 2007.  The Fluent interface, with its distinctive Ribbon, was originally released on the core Microsoft Office  software suite comprising Word, Access, Excel and PowerPoint in the 2007 edition, but in the 2010 release it has now been applied across the board.

Microsoft Visio, along with Outlook, Project and several other products now feature this new fluent interface for the first time, and it now incorporates the new enhancements that were introduced to other programs. Integration is smooth between programs, and with all the Office suite now adopting the fluent interface users can feel comfortable whichever one they are using.

The Fluent interface in Visio 2010

Many people who upgrade from earlier versions of Visio say that finding thier way around the Fluent interface is their biggest challenge . As there are no menus or toolbars, many people are disoriented and feel frustrated as they try to locate familiar commands and complete simple tasks. Microsoft have taken great pains to develop the fluent interface to improve the user experience, and once you get used to it, the fluent interface actually becomes more intuitive to use and faster than the old version.

More than just the fluent interface – Visio 2010’s new Getting Started page

As well as describing the fluent interface, this video explores the default starting page that appears when Visio first loads, then moves on to describe briefly what the various new features bring to Visio.  The visio tutorial video is designed as an overview for new users, and as such it is short enough to maintain interest, but comprehensive enough to cover the basic features.

There are further Visio 2010 training videos that examine the Ribbon, the Quick Access Toolbar and the Backstage view – all components of the fluent interface – in greater detail.

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