The Quick Access Toolbar

Quick Access Toolbar

Anyone familiar with the core programs in Office 2007 will probably remember the frustration they felt when they discovered that the Ribbon was fixed and could not be customized.

[br]This issue has now been rectified in the 2010 release, but in this Visio 2010 Training video we look at the only part that could be customized in 2007 – the Quick Access Toolbar, or QAT for short.

What is the Quick Access Toolbar?

The Quick Access Toolbar is an incredibly useful addition to the Ribbon, particularly if you have been used to certain shortcuts and other commands being available on a toolbar or in a custom menu that allows you to personalise your copy of Visio 2010.  The Quick Access Toolbar  permits quite a lot of customization, making it possible to add your old favorites to it so that they are to hand when you need them.

TIP: Depending on the number of additional buttons you add to the Quick Access Toolbar you may want to display it below the Ribbon instead of above it, as the document title can obstruct the customization since it now resides in the centre of the page.


What’s in the Quick Access Toolbar video?

In this video we demonstrate what the Quick Access Toolbar is and how to make it your own by customizing it to your preferences. We show you how any number of commands can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar from any of the standard Ribbon tabs, and how you can even add buttons which do not appear on any Ribbon.

[br]The possibilities for customizing the Quick Access Toolbar are endless, and include assigning macros to buttons added to the QAT so that they can be run from a central location.

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