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Our video tutorials have been applauded by many of our subscribers as being clear, concise and informative.  Read some of the testimonials we have received here.  We use real-world examples to demonstrate the various techniques we use to create the effects shown and the easy-to-follow videos give you plenty of opportunity to try the techniques for yourself.

quotation-mark Please let me know when you roll out the next training editions. I find your voice delivery, intonation and cadence to be just fine. Joseph
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The tutorials are divided into three levels based on the experience of the viewer: Introduction level, for anyone new to Visio, or for those who just want a basic overview; Intermediate level for the more advanced user who understands the basics but is perhaps self-taught or has used an older version; and Advanced for the experienced Visio practitioner who wants to keep up to date with the latest edition and use more sophisticated techniques to create business-oriented diagrams.

Please use these links to choose the level:

Introduction Video Tutorials

Introduction level Visio tutorial videos

Intermediate Video Tutorials

Intermediate level Visio tutorial videos

Advanced Video Tutorials

Advanced level Visio tutorial videos