Creating a Scale Kitchen Layout in Visio

Scale kitchen layout in VisioIn this, the fourth tutorial in this series, we take the new stencil created in the last custom shape tutorial and use it to create a Scale Drawing for a kitchen layout. Once again the plan is simple; the base and wall units will be positioned in a rectangular kitchen layout and the appliances inserted into it.

Making a scale Kitchen Layout

One of the most useful visual aids I use on a regular basis is the drawing guide. In this tutorial we start with two walls in the correct positions (having measured them in real life first) and then set the scale of the drawing so that it fits neatly on to the page and gives the best view of the whole kitchen layout. Next, base units are added from the stencil created earlier in the series and these are covered with worktops or counter-tops.

TIP: Drawing guides are used to position the elements on the page so that they are easy to add – we use them to also position the appliances in the final kitchen layout.


Adding appliances to the kitchen layout

Now we are in a position to introduce the custom shapes to our new kitchen layout, starting with the inset hob. This is followed by the inset sink unit and then wall units are added; the kitchen layout is completed with the addition of a corner unit and an island breakfast bar.

The tutorial video covers aligning shapes within an internal and external wall and using drawing guides for accurate placement of the various elements. You may also be interested in our YouTube video in which I use Microsoft Visio to make a scale drawing.

Making a scale kitchen layout