Creating an Inset Hob Custom Shape

Custom shape inset hobWe continue the process begun in the last tutorial video for creating a new Kitchen Layout Stencil by adding a new Custom Shape in the form of an Inset Hob and adding it to the stencil.

[br]There are plenty of stencils available for kitchen appliances; a quick Internet search for Visio shapes will produce loads of results, but I want to use a specific style and brand of inset hob in my new kitchen, so I am going to create a custom shape to represent it. This can then be added to my new Kitchen custom Stencil along with all the other related kitchen shapes made in this custom shape series.

Creating a Custom Shape

Once you become familiar with Visio it isn’t difficult to make a custom shape. In this case, as my custom shape will represent a hob I want it to be rectangular but with rounded corners like those of a real hob. My first task is to take a standard rectangle shape and re-size it using the “size and position” window, then round off the corners before adding a control panel on the right of my custom shape that will contain the knobs or dials to control the heat.

Refining the Inset Hob Custom Shape

Adding the dials is quite simple, but it gives me the chance to show how simple shapes can be re-sized and combined to make new custom shapes. Grouping shapes together, as in this example, is a very handy technique to know as is copying shapes by dragging – both of which are demonstrated in this tutorial. The tutorial covers some more advanced shape editing techniques to create a control panel and dials, and concludes by fitting the new shape into one of the counter tops.

Why create a Custom Shape?

If you can’t figure out why you would want to create a custom shape in Visio, you might be interested in this article: Why create a Custom Shape? In it we discuss the pros and cons of making your own custom shapes, and the effort involved versus the benefit you get.

Creating a custom shape for an inset hob

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