Editing Data Graphics in Visio

Editing data graphics in VisioEditing data graphics is one of the rich features that set Visio apart from its competitors. Instead of presenting data in a simple tabular fashion, using a Visio diagram that has links to the source data transforms the diagram into a live preview of the state of the process.

It makes it possible to see where problems have occurred in the past and to predict where they may happen in the future. Editing data graphics to mirror changes in the data is a priceless benefit to any business process.

Multiple options for editing Data Graphics

Visio’s ability to link diagrams to data sources and to change their appearance according to the values the shapes within them contain is a great feature, but editing data graphics makes it possible to relate the diagram to a specific process.  In this tutorial, the third of the Visualizing Data series we look at  editing the Data Graphics applied to the “Process Payments” Shape in the last tutorial.

There are many options for editing Data Graphics; Text entries, Icons and Data bars can all be added to the Shape, but in this example we add a “Color by Value” feature to make the shape really stand out if a certain parameter is outside the acceptable levels.

Editing data graphics is similar to Conditional Formatting in Excel

In a similar way to the Conditional Formatting feature in Excel, Visio can apply a number of effects to give an instant visual warning when things are getting close to the limit – a very useful business tool!  The data providing the input for this can be refreshed to instantly provide an up-to-the-minute snapshot of a process, enabling remedial action to be taken before the matter becomes critical.

Editing data graphics in Visio 2007