Visio 2007 Intermediate

Our Intermediate level Tutorial Videos include guidance on some slightly more advanced topics frequently encountered in Visio.  Once again, they are divided into sections each one containing a number of videos and forming a complete project.

I think you do a great job with the videos.  In fact, I saw the video where you made a logo in 90 seconds…I didn’t even think of using Visio for a logo.  Keep up the good work. Rudy

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The next section features Block Diagrams.  We use a Conference Hall as an example in the tutorials and learn how to add and format shapes, how to use the Distribute and Align tools and how to addtext.  The tutorials also cover adding architectural features such as walls and windows.The first of these sections follows on from the Introductory series and covers Process Diagrams.  Moving on from the basic flowchart, we look at more complex types of process diagram including Workflow Diagrams and Cross Functional flowcharts.

We turn to Network Diagrams next and discover how to both create a Network Diagram in Visio 2007 and also how to store data in the Shapes.  We finish the series with a look at the Reporting functions available in Visio.

Our next series features Organisation Charts, and during the course of the tutorials we look at ways of creating these manually and by having Visio create them automatically.  We also cover ways of enhancing the appearance of an Organisation Chart and how to share it with people who don’t have Visio.

The Intermediate series concludes with a section on creating Custom Shapes.  During these tutorials we discuss why and when you would need to create a Custom Shape, using the Operationscommands from the Shape menu, using drawing guides for accurate placement and some keyboard shortcuts that make life easier.  This theme is continued in the Advanced series.

Process Diagrams

Cross Functional Flowchart Creating a Cross Functional Flowchart based on a recruitment process
Members Only Creating a Workflow Diagram to visualize an invoice payment process – you must be logged in to see this video

Block Diagrams

Creating a Block Diagram Creating a Conference Plan for the Fantastic Flights Sales Conference
Members Only Enhancing the Conference Plan by adding texture, doorways and some text – you must be logged in to see this video

Network Diagrams

Members Only What is a Network Diagram?
Members Only Storing Data in Network Shapes – you must be logged in to see this video
Members Only Creating Network reports – you must be logged in to see this video

Organization Charts

Creating an Organization Chart Manually Creating an Organization Chart
Members Only Automatically Creating an Organization Chart by using the Organization Chart Wizard – you must be logged in to see this video
Members Only Enhancing an Organization Chart by changing how it looks and saving it in new ways – you must be logged in to see this video

Custom Shapes

Creating a Custom Shape Creating Custom Shapes when the shape you need doesn’t exist
Members Only Using Custom Shapes in an engineering drawing – you must be logged in to see this video
Members Only Using Guides to position Shapes and duplicating shapes with control. – you must be logged in to see this video