Creating a Network Report

Visio network reportIn the final tutorial of this Network series we examine how the data saved in the shapes in the Network Diagram can be used to generate a series of reports in Visio.  There are several standard report types included in Visio. These include the network device report and the inventory report, but you can add your own network report by creating a network report definition. These standard reports are slightly different in the newer versions of Visio so for the 2010 version see our 2010 Visio tutorials on network diagrams.

Creating a network report definition

A network report definition is a set of criteria that identifies any shapes and custom properties which you want included in the report and any special formatting requirements the network report should have. By using the network Report Definition Wizard you can create definitions or modify existing ones. In Visio 2007 the report definition wizard is accessed from the Reports command on the Data menu.

Saving a network report

When you have created your network report it can be saved in a variety of formats. These include saving it as a web page, saving it as an XML file, saving it as a spreadsheet or CSV file or displaying the network report as a Visio shape.

Tip:  If you save your network report as a Visio shape, Visio will display the report directly on the drawing page in your network diagram, making it very easy to use. The downside of this is that if the network is large the Visio shape will also be large and you may find it upsets the balance of your original drawing. If this is the case, you could always put the network report on an additional page and link to it using the off page connector tool.

[br]In this tutorial, we cover making a special network report shape that contains the data in an easy-to-use format, and how linking it to the drawing allows the shape to be directly edited. We then look at the alternative of adding a legend shape, and finish by saving the network are on the report as an Excel spreadsheet.

Creating a network report

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