Enhancing an Organization Chart

Organization Chart enhancedIn the final Organization Chart tutorial we look at how the chart created in the last tutorial can be enhanced. Very often in business, personnel changes make the organization chart appear out of date very quickly, so to keep it accurate and relative to the organization structure we need a way of updating the information it contains.

Visio is very good at adapting an organization chart created earlier to reflect current changes, so if you need to alter your organization chart this tutorial will be worth watching.

Making changes to an organization chart

We start by changing the alignment of the organization chart to represent the roles of the people in the company more accurately. In this tutorial we also show you how to change the content of each shape created by the organization chart wizard.  The alignment tools in Visio 2007 make these sort of changes very easy to implement, and in Visio 2010 they are enhanced even further.

TIP: The Organization Chart menu contains an Options command which allows you to display shape data as text so that all the text in all the shapes contained in your organization chart can be formatted in one go.


In addition, we look at how the Shape Data window is used to see information about a shape that has been left out of the actual drawing. Finally we add a title to the drawing page, add a background and a theme to improve the appearance of the organization chart.

Sharing your organization chart with others

If you need to share the Organization Chart with others that do not have Visio installed, we also cover how the drawing can be saved as an HTML file allowing to be viewed in any browser, and how to save it in alternative formats to make it universally viewable.

Enhancing an organization chart

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