Finishing the Gasket Custom Shape Drawing

Custom Shape DrawingIn the third and final tutorial of this custom shape series we use drawing guides to accurately position the bolt holes in the new Gasket Shape we created earlier.  Using drawing guides is an excellent way of ensuring accurate dimensioning in Visio, especially where the drawing will be used for manufacturing or construction.[br][br]There are a number of ways in which shapes can be “re-purposed” when using Visio, and duplicating shapes, particularly ones that have been constructed from others, is a very useful technique. Duplication saves re-inventing the wheel and having created a custom shape, it is only right to be able to use it again.

Using Visual Aids in a Custom Shape

Drawing guides are just one of a whole range of visual aids that are available in Visio, and they can be incredibly useful when creating a custom shape. With the Pan and Zoom window and the Shape Data window, drawing guides are probably the most common visual tools used for precision drawing in Microsoft Visio, and so they are demonstrated in this tutorial.

Keeping duplicates of a custom shape in line

When using shapes that have been custom made it is always useful to be able to move them in a group, so in this tutorial we cover copying a custom shape in the same plane by using key stroke combinations. We also cover:

  • Resizing shapes
  • Duplicating content
  • Grouping custom shapes
  • Multiple selection techniques.
Using drawing guides with custom shapes

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