Making a Custom Gasket Shape

Making a gasket in VisioIn the second tutorial video we continue to develop the Custom Shape begun in the last tutorial.  In this video we look at turning the shape into a gasket for an engineering drawing. As we started to create the custom shape in the last tutorial be combining shapes with different degrees of rounding we continue the process in this tutorial by duplicating grouped shapes and using some handy keyboard shortcuts to ensure compatibility.

Creating a Gasket drawing

Gaskets are still widely used in engineering to ensure oil and gas-tight seals between metal surfaces. Every automobile engine uses gaskets, and they are found in almost every application where a snug fit between components – particularly metal ones – is required. A gasket can be produced from virtually any suitable material, including paper or thin cardboard, and this tutorial stays with the process of creating a pattern from which such a template can be cut.

Using our Visio Gasket as a stencil or template

Although both stencils and templates are features of Visio itself, in our gasket tutorial we are referring to these terms in the wider definition – a drawing that can be printed on to thin card and cut out using precision tools. The gasket is produced by using some new techniques, including:

  • Using shape stacking order
  • Editing fill patterns
  • Editing fill colours
  • Using additional keyboard shortcuts
Making a custom gasket shape

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