The Organization Chart Wizard

Organization Chart Wizard in Visio 2007This video covers the far simpler method of creating an Organization Chart than in the previous tutorial by using the organization chart wizard.  If the data to be used is already saved in another format, it can be used to create the organization chart from scratch instead of by dragging each individual shape onto the page.

Using the Organization Chart Wizard in Visio 2007

In our hypothetical example, Fantastic Flights travel agency has staff from several European countries based in the head office. The HR department has a spreadsheet containing all the key personnel, their job titles and the name and position of the person to whom they report. All this information can be used to generate an organization chart automatically in Visio with the organization chart wizard, thereby saving a lot of time. As long as the data in the spreadsheet is correct, the organization chart will also be accurate and when the information changes, for example when people leave or are promoted the chart can be quickly updated.

Using the Organization Chart Wizard makes Visio the Champion

Although similar hierarchical diagrams can be created in other software, for instance PowerPoint or Word,  the simplicity and speed at which Visio performs this task through the organization chart wizard cannot be beaten. In this tutorial we look at how the data in an Excel spreadsheet is used to generate an organization chart using the wizard.

 TIP: Using the organization chart wizard is ideal if you already have data about the people in your organization stored somewhere else, like a database or an Excel spreadsheet.


The organization chart wizard leads users step by step through the importing process and creates an organization chart that can be modified in a fraction of the time taken manually. You can specify how much information is included about each team member – in this tutorial we keep it fairly simple with the name, job title and telephone extension.

Using the organization chart wizard

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