Continuing the Visio Scale Diagram

In the second part of the Scale Diagram series, this tutorial expands on the scale diagram started last time.  In this tutorial we add some usable features to our scale diagram by converting the Space shapes to walls and to further enhance its usefulness we add dimension lines to the drawing.

Visio makes it easy to produce a professional scale diagram

One of the most common visual aids used in a professional drawing office is the drawing guide, which  ensure accurate positioning of elements both on the page and in relation to each other. In this tutorial we introduce the idea of using guides for positioning shapes, and incidentally this is also an excellent practice if you are a PowerPoint user, then we add a door and some windows to the floor plan and finally insert an internal wall into our scale diagram.

Using visual aids to finish our scale diagram

The tutorial concludes by using a simple Visio command to centre the drawing on the page.  More advanced tutorial on the subject of drawings created to a scale can be found on the Advanced Tutorials pages of this website.

Continuing our Visio scale diagram

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