Creating a Basic Flowchart


As the flowchart is one of the most popular diagrams created with Visio, in this first tutorial we look at how to create a basic flowchart based on the procedure adopted in a Complaints Department. This flowchart example is elementary but one which is very commonly adopted within organizations who need a visual representation of the steps in a process.

The Flowchart Stencils

This tutorial describes the techniques required to create a basic flowchart and covers the various shapes and connectors required, text labels and the Auto Connect feature. We begin by explaining how the appropriate masters are selected from the flowchart stencil and how they are added to the drawing. There is another stencil available for creating a flowchart, but that one is specific to a cross functional flowchart and features  “swim lanes” – this is covered in another tutorial.

Adding Flowchart shapes and AutoConnecting them

The new Visio 2007 AutoConnect feature is demonstrated in this flowchart tutorial. In Visio 2010 this feature has been enhanced even further, and creating a flow chart in the later version is easier and faster than ever before. The Text Block tool also features here where it is used to move the text associated with a connector line to one side so that it is easier to read.

As a first project in Visio, the basic flowchart is an excellent starting point since the techniques used here are frequently used to create diagrams of other kinds.

Creating a basic flowchart in Visio

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