Creating a Scale Diagram in Visio

In this tutorial we take a first look at creating a scale diagram in Microsoft Visio.  This is an extremely useful feature, and one at which Visio excels. Similar to using an auto-cad style of tool, Visio allows you to quickly and easily make a scale diagram suitable which can be used as the basis for building work, and you can make a scale diagram like this with a minimum of technical knowledge.

Visio makes a Scale Diagram a reality

The tutorial introduces the drawing stencils for creating a scale diagram and demonstrates how the Space shape in Visio can be used as a quick alternative to manually constructing wall shapes.  When applying for permission to build any kind of permanent structure it is always essential to provide a detailed plan of the proposed building. Very few people other than professionals have access to the kind of software that will allow a scale diagram to be created quickly, but with a copy of Visio you have that power in your hands.

The Scale Diagram must be accurate

Of course, it goes without saying that whatever kind of software you use to produce a scale diagram it must be made properly; it is essential that the diagram is set to a correct scale and that it has been produced with care and attention to detail. It is also essential that the representation made on paper can be followed by an architect or a builder, so it is wise to get some professional help if you are planning to extend or remodel your home or office.

This tutorial is simply a way of showing how it can be done, simply and cheaply if you put the homework into the project. It introduces not only the principles of creating a scale diagram, but also the concept of combining shapes to create an irregular floorplan.

Creating a scale diagram in Visio

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