Finishing the Map

Finishing our Visio map

Throughout the series we have created a directional map to allow visitors to find our head office. In this tutorial video, the final one in the Map series, we put the finishing touches to our map.   In order to complete the map and render it fit for distribution we  add a Title to the page using one of the title blocks available in Visio.

Centering the Map

With the map nearing completion we want to make it look as professional as possible so in this tutorial we focus on using the automatic centering feature to place drawings in the middle of the page. Some of the map components are overlapping in our diagram, so we also introduce the concept of order – some people may have seen this referred to as z-index – and using shape stacking order we are able to send the shapes forward or backwards so that they occupy the space we want.

Inserting a map footer

We add a footer to our drawing and also discover how to edit the footer Visio inserts. When all is complete we are ready to send it to our prospective visitors in preparation for the forthcoming sales conference.

Finishing our Visio map

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