Visio Map Basics

In this series we explore the ways in which Visio 2007 makes it easy to create a map that will assist visitors in locating your premises.  The process of constructing a Visio map is easier than you might think, and the map can be used for a number of purposes.

Add your Visio Map to a Report

In this series we look at how a Visio map can be used to direct visitors to a head office for an AGM. In our hypothetical example, Fantastic Flights is having its annual meeting in new office premises and the map created here will be inserted into a letter sent out to all staff members.

A Visio map can make a great PowerPoint slide

A Visio map can also be used as a slide in a PowerPoint presentation, added to a web page or included in a SharePoint page – the applications are many and varied.  By using a Visio map you can include (or exclude) any details you think visitors may find useful and which would normally be included by default in a map copied from Google or Bing. These might include landmarks, features of particular interest to your visitors or staff, details of geographical features that other maps would not have or directions peculiar to your own organization.

During this series we cover some more basic concepts of using Visio, adding to those discussed in the Getting Started and Basic Shapes tutorials.  We begin with the very basics of creating a Directional Visio Map.

Visio map basics

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