Types of connection points in Visio 2010

Using the line tool to join connection pointsConnecting shapes with connection points is on of the most fundamental tasks in Visio. Among the many ways that you can connect shapes together in Visio 2010, using the line tool is one of the simplest. By connecting shapes with the line tool – one of six standard drawing tools which are accessed from the drop-down menu to the right of the pointer tool – you can glue the line to a connection point on the outside of the shape. This has certain advantages in terms of speed and simplicity, and while the connector tool is available from the same group on the Home tab of the ribbon, many people prefer to use the line tool instead.

Connection Points made using static glue

When you use the line tool to make a connection between two shapes, the connection point will be made using static glue; if the shape is moved, the connection point will move with it but it will always remain connected at the same point.

Connections made using dynamic glue

On the other hand, if you use the connector tool to join two shapes together the glued collection points are dynamic. In other words, if the shapes are moved the connector lines will move with them but they will slide around the outside of the shape to the most convenient connection point.

Types of glued connection points

There are now three types of glue available on connection points in Visio 2010, and their appearance is different to what it was in Visio 2007.

  • A line attached to a connection point or a connection made with a dynamic connector forms a static glue connection. A 1D shape like a line that is connected with static glue has a hollow red Square on end and a solid red Square at the other.
  • A dynamic connector that is attached to a shape anywhere except a connection point result in a dynamic glue connection. The dynamic connector like this has a small red Square inside a larger square at one end and a small red Square inside a larger square at the other end.
  • A 1D shape that is not connected at either end house blue fill handles; an empty blue Square at one end and a solid fill at the other.