Visio Shape Layout Tools

To create diagrams that are clear, unambiguous and informative you need to master the way Visio shapes are arranged on the page, but luckily, Visio make shape layout easy to control and implement.

Changing the shape layout of connected shapes.

In Visio 2007, you can change the direction of the shape layout in your diagram in one simple step by using the Configure Layout command which can be accessed from the Shape menu.

Change Shape layout step by step

To use this command to change your shape layout, follow these steps:

  • Select the shapes you want to change by dragging a box around them with your mouse pointer
  • From the Shape menu choose Configure Layout
  • In the Placement group choose a Style from the drop down menu
  • Options are Radial, Flowchart, Circular, Compact Tree and Hierarchy
  • Choose the Direction you want the shapes to rearrange
  • Choose a Style and Appearance for the Connectors
  • Above the Preview window you can select if you want the changes to apply to the whole drawing or just the selected shapes

Configure Shape Layout in Visio

This command also allows you to connect new shapes to your existing flowcharts and realign the shapes in your layout. This can also be achieved by selecting the shapes you want to change and from the Shape menu clicking Configure Layout.

Remember: By adding new processes to your existing flowchart it may no longer fit the page. You may need to change the page size.

  • From the File menu click Page Setup and select a different page size or orientation.

More information on changing layouts including using the Distribution and Alignment commands can be found in our video tutorials on Shape Layout.

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