Visio Training – which methods work best?

Visio training helps you work smarter and faster

Visio Training

Microsoft Visio is one of the less common elements of Microsoft Office. This is a shame as it is a very flexible and versatile piece of software. Most people use Visio for producing flowcharts and organisation charts, but this is just scratching the surface of this very capable program. Once you lift the lid, there is an awful lot more you can do with it!

When you use Visio for the first time you may struggle a bit as the interface is different from other Microsoft Office programs. However, since the Visio 2010 version, the ribbon is the same in all Office programs and so is easier to use. What form your Visio training takes can have quite an influence on how well and how quickly you learn.

Most people that require Visio training want it for the following reasons:

  • To help them in their job
  • To improve their efficiency and workflow
  • To improve their confidence
  • To make using Visio more enjoyable

Take some Visio training and make Visio easier and more enjoyable to use

Most people looking for Visio training want to complete a specific task or series of tasks. This is normally so that they can complete a job that they have been assigned at work, like creating a flowchart or process diagram.

Although not many training providers offer Visio training, those that do offer it usually have a choice of format – self-taught or instructor led.

But which method is best?

A lot of Visio training is provided in a written format, either:

  •  as a series of worksheets
  • in the form of a book, or
  • in the form of a training manual complete with exercises.

Other providers supply Visio training in the form of video tutorials, which let the user watch a technique performed rather than just reading about it.

Anybody taking Visio training should be able to start and stop whenever they want. This allows them to manage their time better

Each of these methods has its benefits, but it is generally accepted that people learn best when these methods are combined. Research has shown that people watch something being demonstrated and described at the same time they understand it better. If they are then allowed to practice the technique themselves in a “hands on” fashion, their understanding is consolidated and reinforced.

This method is generally accepted as being the best way of training for any type of software.

In order to be successful any Visio training should:

  • Be specific to one topic per lesson
  •  Introduce concepts progressively
  •  Be easy to understand
  • Be easy to follow
  • Allow time for consolidation before moving on

Get trained in Visio at your own pace

When you start to learn Visio you should be able to stop it whenever you want. A lot of us find it impossible to continue training due to pressures of work or other external factors and need to take a break now and then.

Since the training in our Visio Tutorials is arranged in such a way that you can put the training on hold for a while, you can return to it when time allows. This way you can pick up your Visio training where you left off.

Our Visio training videos are progressive and incremental, so you can learn one technique and practice it before moving on to the next.

You can

  • watch as many ties as you want
  • stop, pause and rewind
  • take notes
  • consolidate your learning with exercises

Because the training is in video format backed up by practice files it is user-paced. This means that you get the most flexibility and control over how and when you learn Visio.

According to our feedback, this is the best method of learning how to use Microsoft Visio and what most people want!