What is Visio?

what is Visio

So what is Visio? Microsoft Visio is diagramming software that can be used for many different purposes.  Visio has been around for a number of years, each version differing slightly from the previous one.  The 2010 version has recently been released and now features the “Ribbon”, a replacement for the menus and tool bars introduced to other Microsoft Office applications in the 2007 version.

Many of the tutorials in this series feature Visio 2007, although the techniques described will generally work in earlier versions. There is a new series of  Visio 2010 tutorial videos now available and these will be added to in coming weeks.

What editions are available?

Microsoft Visio is sold in two editions; Standard, and Professional.  There is also a Student edition available to those in education and faculty staff, and this is also based on the Standard edition.  The main difference between the versions is the number and complexity of templates, stencils and shapes offered, and the ability to connect a drawing to a data source.

So what is Visio used for?

The most common uses are for creating flowcharts and organisation charts, but Visio can do much more than this.  It can be used to create:Microsoft Visio

  • Process Diagrams
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Workflow Diagrams
  • Network Diagrams
  • Timelines
  • Gantt Charts

and many more types of drawings and diagrams.  There are alternatives to Visio available, but the majority of Visio users need the ability to integrate Visio drawings with the other Office suite applications, and the advanced data connection facilities which the other titles do not have.

What is Visio like to use?

Visio 2007 makes life easy for the novice user and the experienced practitioner alike by offering simple “get started” screens on start up, and the choice of recent templates from the start up screen. In the 2010 version these start-up screens have changed, but there are many pre-drawn sample diagrams that you can use to base a new drawing on.

TIP: To see the sample drawings in Visio 2010 just click on the File tab, then New and you will see all the available templates listed under Recently Used Templates. They are grouped into categories depending on which version you have installed, but if you look down at the bottom of the window you will see a section that says “other ways to get started”. Within this section are the sample diagrams – well worth checking out, as it is sometimes quicker to edit a ready-made drawing than to start from scratch.

 What is Visio like to use is easy to answer – just try it and you will see that it beats the competition hands down!

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